What to Expect from Wales

This morning I’m jumping on a train and heading to Wales.  Now I don’t know much about Wales at all.  In fact, all I do know about Wales is this…

But, I’m being unfair.  There are plenty of other famous people that hail from Wales – Tom ‘What’s New Pussycat’ Jones, Shirley “Hey Big Spender’ Bassey, Anthony ‘Hannibal’ Hopkins, Catherine ‘Entrapment’ Zeta-Jones and Shakin ‘well, shakin’ Stevens.  Yes – Shakin Stevens.  Remember him?  Huh, probably not.  Here’s a reminder…

There’s a couple of other people who live here too (though maybe not so famous) and they are my cousin Chris and his wife Sharon, who have very kindly offered to put me up for my visit.  They live in Newton, in the Mumbles, the word “mumbles” coming from the French word ‘mamelles’, which translates to ‘breasts,’ so maybe I’m well prepared for my visit by having seen the episode of The Valleys after all.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to piece together the story of my Dad’s family this last year, having finally found the right kind of resources in Melbourne to do so.  So it’s absolutely awesome to be heading to Wales next to spend some time with some of Dad’s relatives.  As I mentioned, Chris and Sharon have very kindly offered to put me up for five days which I am extremely grateful for, not in the least because it’s always amazing to get a local perspective on any place you visit.

So here we go – let’s find out about the real Wales.

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