Three Bottles of Vodka on the Wall

I arrived back in Warsaw with just enough time to repack my overnight bag, because I was heading to my cousins summer house. Road trip!

Błędowo is located about 45km north east of Warsaw, along the beautiful Wkra River. It’s the perfect spot to hire a kayak and that’s just what most people do here. But that’s not all – fishing, horseback riding and sleigh rides in the winter are also on offer. But kayaking is what we start the weekend with and I’m thrilled, cause I love kayaking.

I meet Paula’s dad, Tadeusz and along with Paula and her Mum Dorotka, we jump into our pre-arranged pickup van to head to the start of our kayak trail. This is what you do, by the way, call one of the many local kayaking companies and they’ll come pick you up, kayaks on board, drop you where you want to kayak from and pick you up at your end point.

Gliding along, two to a kayak, the afternoon is as relaxing as they come. The riverbank scenery is just gorgeous – countryside green, untouched nature, ducks floating alongside, frogs clinging on inside the kayaks.

We spent a leisurely couple of hours kayaking and floating down the Wkra, stopping at one point to try out the swing rope.

At the end point, there was a bar/cafe, which wasn’t open, but I was led to believe most kayak drop points feature these. I could imagine what a great time must go on here when the sun sets.

For the rest of the day and into the evening I was fed silly by my relatives, absolutely blown away by their hospitality.

We picked fresh berries and plums from the yard and walked back down to the river to swim, picking wild flowers along the way. And somehow in between all that, three of us finished up three bottles of vodka without any trouble at all.

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