The Museum of Kooky Eyes

After yesterday’s Trdlnik, I am glad for our included activity this morning, a nice bike ride through the forest hills of Cesky Krumlov, with Vltava Sport Service.  Two mini vans carry us out to the hills, climbing higher and higher through the winding forest roads before we stop to unload the bikes.  The first three kilometres of the ride consists of hills – a mean trick for those on our tour who haven’t ridden a bike for some time, rewarded with a view of the valley below, that totally made up for it.


A lot  more of fifteen kilometre ride is downhill, the chill of the air making my eyes water slightly.  The forests are filled with mushrooms, babbling brooks and, as some of our riders found out, stinging nettles.  But all too soon, we were back in the cobble-stoned streets of town and the ride was over.

We all branch out to go our individual ways and I decide it’s time to do a little shopping.  The local stone here is moldovite, which is a kind of meteorite that is featured in all sorts of jewellery here and seeing as I have no room for souvenirs, jewellery is about the only thing I can browse for.  I end up choosing a nice simple ring, which should suffice as a reminder of this lovely village.

After lunch, there’s one thing more I want to try to get in and that’s the Wax Museum.  I don’t usually visit these places, cause I think they are boring, but the wax models in the window of this place have crazy eyes and it draws me in.  I mean, look at this guy:


And I don’t think Daniel Radcliffe would recognize himself either (well I certainly didn’t and I’d just watched The December Boys on the bus ride to Cesky Krumlov), though he’s minus the kooky eyes.


So needless to say, I’ve just gotta go in there.  There’s scenes from Czech medieval life, followed by famous people from different periods of time – kings, queens and entertainers.  Here’s some of my favourites, including a special one for my niece Lola:




Before long it’s time to go rafting.  Again with Vltava Sport Service, we are driven maybe ten kilometres out of town and given our raft, life jackets and oars.  A series of five ‘gates’ awaits us, through which we find ourselves sliding down rapid slipways.


The sun rapidly disappears and gives way to a light sprinkling of rain, so we are a little wet when we disembark, which is nothing unusual for rafting anyway.

Walking back to Na Louzi, a final treat for me is to find a lane full of street art.



This town really has been such a delight, especially once the day trippers have left.  And it’s been so nice to have sunshine (and heat) and to get outside and do some more physical sightseeing instead of just walking everywhere.

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