Ten Most Awesome Icecreams in Warsaw

One thing you can say for sure about the Poles, is that they love their icecream, or ‘lody’. The only people who love it more perhaps are the tourists that flock to Warsaw’s Old Town, in search of it.

So of course I made it my mission to try out as many different icecreams as I could while I was in Warsaw.


The Swiderki

The Swiderki, meaning ‘fusilli’ (you can see the resemblance to the pasta right), is one of the most popular icecreams you’ll see while walking the streets of Old Town Warsaw.

They generally come in plain vanilla, plain chocolate or mixed, as above. And you can choose from mały (small) or duży (large).


Syropy do Lodowé

Basically icecream with syrup, I tried this one from a shop just outside the Barbican in the Old Town. There were several flavours to choose from, I chose green apple whi h was really nice. The icecream was super creamy!



Back inside the walls of the Old Town is where you’ll find this treat. Maczane means ‘dipped’ and that’s what you are getting here – a soft serve icecream, dipped in chocolate. OK, not so special in itself, but it’s rather the flavours of the chocolate the soft serve is dipped in that make it a delicious treat. I chose citrus (cytryna), but there was also smurf and strawberry. I had to eat it fast though as it was quick to begin melting all down my hands. Glorious!


Czarny Bez

OK, so this one I sourced from the Praga side of the river, at a small shop inside Galeria Walenska. A small scoop of black lilac flavoured gelato, slightly tangy, slightly tart, slightly sweet. A nice change from all the soft serve.


Cookies n Cream

This is your plain old store brand (Społem) icecream sandwich and it was good. Lots of pieces in it and a nice quality icecream. Perfect for the walk home to my apartment.


Natural Lody

Sourced from a small stall along the river Vistula, this little gem was banana choc chip flavoured. Small, but sweet and totally good for you – I swear!


Gourmet Lody

Head to Hala Koszyki for this Sernik (cheesecake) flavoured ice cream. Worth the money and the trip.


Black Cactus

Yes, you heard right. Another store bought treat which I couldn’t resist reaching for when I saw it. And it does taste kinda cactusy, whatever that tastes like, but in a good way.


Rurki z Kremem

Wafer filled with cream. That’s super sweet mock cream. Good for a lighter treat.


Store Bought Heaven

Ok, now I can’t for the life of me recall what this super creamy icecream was but I know it was bloody awesome and I got it from one of the Żabka stores near PKIN. Sorry.

The moral of the story? Pretty much any icecream you try in Poland whether store bought or store made is gonna be good.

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