Packing Priorities

It’s considered the most painful part of a trip for some, but with a few travels under my belt, I’m getting better at it.  Here’s a few things I pack for all my trips:

Passport and Flight Details

Lets face it.  You aren’t going anywhere unless you have these things on you.  Make sure your passport is valid – obviously well before you are due to leave – you need at least six months validity on your passport to enter most countries.  Make sure you have checked in before getting to the airport, either via computer or your mobile phone.


Of course I always pack my camera.  But I also have a second battery and lots of additional cards.  It’s amazing how many shots you can take in a day while you are travelling and the last thing you want is for your battery/card to fail at an important moment!


It doesn’t matter which country I am visiting, I always pack Immodium and I choose the chewable tablets, which saves you having to locate water, particularly in Asian countries.  You just don’t want an upset stomach to ruin your trip and you usually can’t choose when it hits you.  Imagine this…a train trip across China, carriages swaying from side to side and trying to balance yourself over a squat toilet……hmmmm.


I choose a large sized scarf to take with me on my trips because scarves are so versatile.  You can curl them up to use as a pillow while travelling, for covering up your head and shoulders for temple visits, to keep yourself warm (especially on air conditioned planes and buses) and best of all they can add a bit of style to a plain t-shirt.

Spare Clothes

Some will think this is overkill, but I’ve now had two occasions when my luggage has not arrived at the airport with me and it usually takes a full day to catch up with you.  I always pack a small plastic bag with a change of underwear and a spare t-shirt with a mini deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, to carry with me on the plane.  This way, when your luggage goes missing – you can at least head out the next day feeling a little fresh.  And trust me, it’s no fun trying to find replacement underwear in Vietnam.

An Empty Box

WTF?  If you are planning on buying souvenirs, I find a good thing to take is a small sturdy box.  That way, you can have some protection for those precious little items without worrying about them rattling around in your suitcase.  And if you don’t use it, it doesn’t matter cause you can still pack other stuff in it.

And what do I wear on the plane?

Well that depends where I’m going, but generally get a comfortable pair of pants, a t-shirt and shoes that can slip on and off easily.  I wear waterproof mascara, so that there’s no smudges after a snooze.  I always take my scarf on the plane with me.  And if it’s daytime when I arrive after a long flight – I quite like a hat so that I can cover up my ‘plane hair’ and still feel a little stylish.