Departing the Purple Party

I haven’t explained until now that we are actually in Melbourne just before the big football grand final this weekend.  It’s the Hawks versus the Dockers.  The Dockers are one of two WA teams, but in their whole 19 years of existence, they have never made a grand final.  So the excitement, along with the airfares and accommodation from Perth to Melbourne, is massive.  Our apartment room cost us $111.  Today on Agoda, they are selling the last room for $307.  Flights are in the thousands.  We were extremely lucky to be able to book flights and accommodation two days before the Dockers made it into the Grand Final, otherwise there would probably be even less of us here in Melbourne to say goodbye.

Today is the Grand Final Street Parade, and even early on, the streets are awash with purple.  There’s people with scarves and hats, jackets and jerseys.  There’s people in all sorts of costumes.  There’s cupcakes and donuts in footy team colours.  I hate football.  I have never liked it and have no interest in it at all.  But I kind of feel bad that Dad does and that because we are flying out of here this afternoon, he will miss it all.  So for our last morning, we walk into town to soak up a bit of atmosphere and grab a beer at Young & Jackson.  Young & Jackson is home to the famous painting of Chloe, now housed upstairs in her own bar.  Chloe is a stunning 19th century French academic nude painting by the Master, Jules-Joseph Lefebvre.  Until the 1960’s Chloe was a rare opportunity for adolescent boys to view a naked woman – many men later recalled sneaking a peek at the curvaceous brunette.


We managed to walk in and find a seat no problems, but when we got up to leave after our drink, our seats were taken within seconds and the place was full.  Nothing like timing.

Dockers Cupcakes

But then its time to return to the hotel so we can start our journey home. Walking back to the hotel, we the Cupcake Bakery and can’t resist proving our state patriotism by grabbing some Dockers decorated cupcakes.  Red velvet and cream cheese icing.  So good.

It’s been a very long week and I’m kind of looking forward to going home for a long weekend in Perth, to just chill and take everything in.  This is one trip where I was glad not to be on my own.

I’m not sure when life will bring me back to Melbourne, but I know that I don’t have to go there to be close to Aunty Joy and Uncle Ron, because they are part of me.  They have helped to make me who I am.  They are in my memories and most importantly, they will always be in my heart.