Eating my way around Singapore

This morning I decide to try the curry puff shop for breakfast.  Swinging past, I grab two – one potato and one chicken.  Biting into the nice soft but crispy (if that’s possible) pastry, I get a glimpse of the goodness inside.  These puffs are great – not too spicy, just right.  Really, it doesn’t seem that you can go wrong with any of the local restaurants on Killiney Road!

Things don’t really get going til about 10am in Singapore – this is when the shops open and most cafe’s as well – so unless you eat local or know where to go it can prove a little difficult if you are someone who likes to eat breakfast early and ends up at a hotel without a restaurant.  Luckily over all my visits to Singapore I have worked out both where the locals eat and where to go for an early Western breakfast.  Killiney Road has been a good spot to stay.

I have a task on my list that I need to complete for my niece Lola, for whom I always buy a new pair of silk pyjamas or nightdress.  When I first started buying them I would get pink or mauve, but now she’s grown to the ripe old age of ten and these girly colours just don’t cut it anymore.  She wants blue.  So off to the Chinatown markets I go for this years pair.  I find a nightdress with beautiful little cherry blossoms across it and my job here is done, so I can sit back with a beer and enjoy a spot of lunch.

The Chinatown Seafood restaurant sits in prime position on the corner of Pagoda and Trennganu Streets in the middle of the markets, it’s bright yellow plastic chairs a beacon for the hungry.  As the name implies, their menu consists of seafood (don’t laugh, I did observe a couple of girls ask the wait staff what they could eat because they don’t eat seafood – wrong restaurant girls).  Their Tiger beers are a great price here – you’ll find them at half the price of any bar in Clarke Quay or at most hotels.  Today I order bamboo clams, just cause I’ve never had them and a friend recommended me to try them.  Flavoured with garlic and spring onions and in a kind of soupy gravy, they were definitely worth a try.  It’s amazing the feeling you get when you try something new and really enjoy it.  Such a gem and something else that is amazing about travelling.


I wander a few more of the shops and end up down the road at the Central Shopping Centre at Clarke Quay.  I always make it here because my most favourite ice cream at the moment is sold here – black sesame seed.  If you haven’t tried it – you should.  It’s almost got a chocolately flavour about it, but less rich and…well, just try it.  It’s sold at the Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice Cream shop on the outside of the shopping centre close to where Clarke Quay and Boat Clarke meet.


The rain has arrived for the day and it seems kind of heavier.  Although I just ate the banana clams (and the ice cream), I’m still a little hungry.  Pulling up a chair at SQUE, I notice they have pork sliders, so I order one, not realising that one is not just one, but three pork sliders.  You gotta laugh when a glass of prosecco is $17, but you get three sliders for $7.50!



But anyway, the sliders are so good and they aren’t overly filling and I take my time over my prosecco hoping the rain will stop soon.

It slows to a drizzle, so I walk around to the bus stop and intend to sit on the sightseeing bus for the rest of the afternoon.

And then the rain starts again.  More rain.  Heavier rain.  Sudden rain.  Several of us are on the top level of the bus, cowering under the covered part, with rain pelting us from all sides.  We can’t get up and go downstairs because the bus is moving too fast and the rain is sloshing across the floor from side to side.  By the time we arrive at a stop where we actually have time to move, we are absolutely saturated.  Ew.

Thank goodness the shops along Orchard Road are all linked so you can walk from one to the other without getting wet.  The rest of the afternoon is a washout, but nothing a spot of shopping can’t fix.  Plus I have an appointment at the OPI salon tonight, to get a mani/pedi – my feet in particular deserve a treat after all the walking I’ve done over the last two weeks!

Rest and Recouperation

Today neither of us feel very top quality at all.  We start the day with lunch at Brunetti and decide that instead of running around town investigating, we should probably just relax, so first port of call is OPI at The Forum, to get our nails done.  Then we jump in a cab, cause it’s raining, and head to ION Orchard to try some shopping – but our heads feel like balloons and the noise in the shopping centres is just making enjoyment of shopping impossible.  So back in the taxi and we head to Chinatown to seek out massages of some kind.

But first, we stop in at Da Dong (Fatty Weng) for a bowl of soul warming chicken and corn soup and a dish of the lemonyist Lemon Chicken ever (nicely so though).  I found Da Dong a few trips back but unfortunately the last couple of times I’ve been in Singapore, it has been closed, because of renovations occurring in Chinatown Food Street.  The works are all finished now though and Da Dong is back in operation.

Soup for the Soul
Soup for the Soul

Yummy tummy warming, soul good food.  The waiter walks us to the door and warns us to be careful because rain is on the way.  We walk through the newly renovated food street – it’s all sterile now, but I think they have retained its atmosphere.  I’ll have to dine here next time to make sure though.

Stopping into Kenko, we manage to book an appointment for our massages.  You couldn’t do that in Perth!  I go for an ear candling session which comes with a lymphatic drainage massage, which I’m hoping will clear my head up, because I’m sick of feeling like I have a balloon in my head.  Its relaxing in an odd non-relaxing kind of way, but I’m hoping this makes me feel better tomorrow.

After lunch we stroll through the sprinkling rain to Clarke Quay.  It’s raining again when we get there, and despite having grand plans for dinner, we end up eating an early dinner at SQUE on the wrong side of the Quay before heading home for an early  night.  A nice sleep will hopefully help us feel great tomorrow now we are all relaxed and massaged and manicured.