The Best Place in the World for a Girl’s Holiday

So, off to Singapore we head again - Jo, Erin and I.  We meet at the airport, me grumpy and tired after a long day at work, a longer flight than I'm used to for a trip to Singapore and a never-ending queue at immigration, the likes of which I've never seen before.  The girls [...]


Our flight is at 9.30 and we are so close to the airport, it literally takes us 10 minutes to get to the check in counter.  And we didn't even have to get up at some stupid hour to get here. I can't believe this trip is over.  At times it's felt like flying by [...]

On the Corner of Dorsett & Duxton

This trip to Singapore was literally included as a grounder on the way home – there’ll hardly be time to explore. Dad hasn’t been here for quite a few years so he’s bound to notice a lot of changes – I think they had only started clearing the land for Gardens by the Bay back [...]

Heading Towards Home

Today its time to head home. Now when I say heading home, well, we will be home in a few days and I didn’t want to tell you that we also have a few days in Singapore as well, because I always seem to be in Singapore and I didn’t want to bore you before [...]

Hunting for White Lions

Australian-born comedian Jonathan Atherton, a regular on the Singapore comedy scene, once joked that he loved Singapore and that he couldn't wait to see what it would look like when it was finished.  He's of course referring to Singapore's ever changing sky (and shore) lines.  I had to laugh - because Singapore reminds me of [...]

Psst…I’m going to…

OK, well my flight takes off this weekend.  Wanna know where I'm going? Of course you do. Well.....drum roll's....Singapore! AGAIN?  I hear you say. Yes.  I love it. But seriously...AGAIN? Yes.  But there's a couple of twists this time!  Trust me!  I won't let you down! Chat to you soon!

Round Up

Here's a bit of a round up of my travels - what I liked, what I didn't, what worked well, what I'd do differently next time and just other general bits and pieces. London London in late June (early summer) is light.  It's light at around 3.30/4.00am in the morning until around 10pm at night.  I [...]

Sleepless in Singapore

Day 28:  Hong Kong / Singapore I've been flying now for seven days, twelve hours and thirty seven minutes. Well that's what it seems like, but after actually only about 17 hours, my flight touches down in Singapore and I'm home - my second home anyway.  Terrified at the thought of not going to Singapore this year, [...]