Sun, Sand & Sentosa

Today we hit Sentosa Island, Singapore’s seaside playground.  There’s so much to do, but a late start and long waits in queues leaves us with less time to do what we want.  Fortunately, we do get to start off with a ride on the Luge.  Helmeted up and a little hesitant as to what to expect, we get in our luges and off we go!  The ride itself is not long, and by the time you get used to it, it’s over.  I think we all would have loved to have a few more rides, but there’s other places to be.
Next up is lunch at Wave House, a cool little space beachside, with tube/wave pools and big comfy couches.  After food and beer, its time to head off for our afternoon of relaxation at Spa Botanica!  Spa Botanica is divine.  The grounds are stunning and are usually home to roaming peacocks (if you remember back to my blog from my April trip!).  There are no peacocks in sight today, but at the end of the afternoon, there certainly are six very relaxed and pampered girls!
Everyone splits up for the afternoon, Jo and I hitting the shops (of course!) to be joined a bit later by Erin.  There are just so many shops, its impossible to make a dent in them all.  I reckon you could actually spend a whole week alone on Orchard Road and still not visit every shop!
Tonight we head out for cocktails and tapas at one of my favourite haunts, Orgo.  Orgo sits atop the Esplanade (the huge durian shaped entertainment complex) and has stunning view of the city skyline – not to mention to-die-for cocktails and awesome food.  Organic cocktails downed, we hit the town back in Clarke Quay.  We search for a club which suits us, and settle on LeNoir.  The DJ is absolutely awesome (my good friend Nic would have LOVED the music) and we were warming up when… they walked…a swathe of beautiful people, perfectly coiffered and styled, all without an ounce of fat on them.  I swear all the oxygen was sucked out of the room as they walked in and took over the club.  We started to lose our groove and after Feb got flicked in the eye with one of the models 5m long locks, it was apparent we weren’t going to continue to enjoy ourselves here.  One by one we headed off home to our hotel rooms…for beauty sleep.
Me, Feb & Erin at Orgo

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