Putting it all together

Before I know it, my Gold Coast trip is over and I’m on my way to Melbourne.

Everything has gone so well for this move that I can only believe it’s meant to be.  First my home selling straight away, then getting the first apartment I viewed (and really, really wanted), scoring THE last pillow in WA from Adairs for my spare bedroom (hey, small blessings are great too!) and it just keeps rolling on in tiny little waves – ooh that’s right, almost forgot – and yesterday I got to see ‘The Block’ (a television show where couples fight it out to renovate an apartment building).

The Block

My mum arrived early this morning to help me start some furniture shopping, so we thought we would hire a car for a few days.  We managed to score a car for $17 a day – a car that was supposed to be a Hyundai hatchback thing, which I thought could be fairly handy for shopping purchases.  Well, we got upgraded to a brand new Mitsubishi Outlander – even handier for shopping purchases.

Staying at the Adina Apartments in Flinders Street, we are literally two buildings over from my apartment, which is extremely handy.  We have a great self catering apartment, but for this morning, we dine out at Terra Rossa – a fabulous breakfast of pumpkin sourdough with smashed avocado, tomatoes, Yarra Valley feta and mint.  Oh, and great coffee.

So good.

Oh, and it’s a fabulous day of weather as well.  Luckily I haven’t seen much of this miserable weather that everyone keeps reminding me is the identifier of Melbourne.  More luckiness!

When we finally get out of the CBD – there’s a marathon on so all the streets were shut off, just a minor setback for a newbie to town in a massive car without a GPS – half the day was over, so we decided to just hit up Richmond for some shopping.  I manage to order mattresses and have a great browse at Matt Blatt, a homewares and furniture store I’ve had my eye on for some time.  Finally a picture is starting to formulate in my mind about what I think I’d love to do with my new home.  It’s all very exciting to have a blank canvas and start again from scratch.

Hopefully in the next few days, it will all start to come together and I will have bedrooms and kitchen appliances sorted and a living room on the way.  Fingers crossed!

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