Pearl of the Orient

Once I arrived back in Perth, my top priority was to spend time with my girlfriends whom I had missed so much whilst I was living in Melbourne on the other side of Australia.  So we booked a week long girls trip to Hong Kong, instead of our usual haunt Singapore, and off we went to shop, eat and explore our way around the ‘Pearl of the Orient’.

I had been to Hong Kong before (though way before I started this blog) at a similar time of year to this, so we had packed our suitcases with bathers, cute playsuits, tanks, tees and sandals.  Needless to say, we were a little taken aback when we arrived to a grey afternoon studded with showers.

Perhaps it would blow over.

Not deterred, we donned our jackets, which we thought would only be reserved for our flights, and headed out to start exploring the city.  We headed for the MTR in Wanchai and trained it down to the Central Ferry Pier.

View of the Exhibition Centre & the Hong Kong Observation Wheel from the walkway down to Central Pier

Here we got our tickets for a night time tour of Hong Kong by bus and then settled in with some snacks and a celebration drink or two at Pier 7 Café & Bar.


Pretty soon the evening started to roll in and the city lights began to switch on.  We boarded the Hop On Hop Off bus for our evening tour of Hong Kong, cooing at the beautiful night time view of the city.  We drove along the foreshore past nightworks, and into a tunnel to cross over to the Kowloon side of the city, past beautiful hotels lit up for the approaching Christmas season.


Further on we drove, through the streets of Mongkok with brightly lit neon signs calling out for attention.  We could see busy street markets and bustling shops and began noting things we would want to come back and check out over the next week.

We watched the Symphony of Lights show flash across the city, illuminating the buildings of Hong Kong despite the haze in the night sky, whilst the lit up Duk Ling Jung chugged its way across the city skyline.

The Duk Ling Junk


Then we boarded the Star Ferry to begin our ride back to Hong Kong Island where we were staying, chatting excitedly, looking forward to all the exploring we were going to do tomorrow.

Hong Kong Island through the window of the Star Ferry

2 thoughts on “Pearl of the Orient

  1. Hi Michelle ☺

    Am I missing something… you’re chatting about Christmas ???? and it’s March
    Hope all is going great with you.. in the process of planning a trip to Europe, and re-reading your blogs to see what we’d like to include :0

    Take care

    1. Haha, not missing anything – I’m just really far behind! I promise my blogging for Europe next month will not be this far behind! You know you are travelling too much when….haha.
      Hope you are well!

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