More Shopping Monday

Seriously…how much shopping can these girls do?  I hear you ask.  Well obviously a lot, cause this morning we decide we still haven’t had enough and we head to Bugis Village.  Bugis is a nice undercover shopping enclave, with lots of character, and as it turns out, lots of shops.  All the favourites are here (Charles and Keith – we’re looking at you!), plus Mango, which the girls have been hanging out to visit.  On our way to the shops we walk through an undercover mall with an amazing array of food – namely doughnut sandwiches!

We depart with more shoes, more clothes and more shopping bags…

Full from lunch, Erin, Feb and I jump in a cab and head to the Singapore Art Museum.  SAM houses the largest collection of modern art in South East Asia.  The first section of the museum housed a small exhibition by Chinese painter Jia Ali.  Jia Ali’s pantings represent apocolyptic landscapes, crashes and tragedies which are said to “reflect the tension and growing crisis and state of uncertainty in China today” and “the widening gap between the haves and have nots”.  These paintings are AMAZING!  Upon entering the room, you would swear some of them were photographs, as they were so skillfully painted.  All of these paintings packed such a visual punch and were hugely emotive.

Next was a general section of the museum which housed an array of more tangible art works, like these stunning tuk tuks.

A quirky highlight was a video of a man who creates a “happy meal milkshake” from his McDonalds fries, burger and coke.  He struggles to ingest the concoction before running off screen to throw up.

Finally, and the part I was looking forward to, was a small exhibition by another Chinese painter named Wu Guangzhong, an abstract painting.  Wu was considered the founder of contemporary art in China, and in deed the best contemporary artist in China of all time.  Unfortunately most of Wu’s early work was destroyed in order to avoid some of the persecution during the Cultural Revolution. It is difficult to track down works from his younger days.  In 2008, Wu donated 113 works to the Singapore Art Museum (SAM). This donation is the largest Wu Guanzhong donation to a public museum. I loved the pieces.

This museum was great, the sort of thing we don’t really get in Perth, which made you feel creative and interested in art.  I was really glad to be able to make it here.
Jo, Lindsay and Sarah were due to go off to the Night Safari tonight, but Jo could feel a migraine coming on, so Lindsay and Sarah headed off by themselves, while Jo jumped into bed for some rest.  Erin and I went off in search of a beer nearby.  Thankfully there was a little place about 100m from the hotel and we enjoyed some sun, beer and fries with truffle aoli – yum!
Jo was feeling only marginally ok when we got back to the room, so she joined Erin, Feb and I for some dinner over the bridge at Clarke Quay.  That way she would be close to the hotel if she started to feel sick.  We sat outside at Indochine and enjoyed an array of light, tasty asian snacks along with cocktails.  It was a lovely night full of chatter and laughs, oh and ice creams!
I can’t believe our 5 nights have gone so quickly and we have to head home tomorrow!  There’s going to be a lot of heavy suitcases tomorrow!

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