More Shopping at the Marina

Guess what’s on the itinerary for today – a visit to Marina Bay, well to be specific – a visit to Marina Bay to go … shopping!  The Marina Bay Shoppes are a spectacle to behold with indoor gondola rides, skating rink and top brand names like Manolo Blahnik, Harry Winston and Jimmy Choo.  Nevertheless we still find things to suit our budgets (though with the amount of shopping going on, I’m beginning to wonder whether anyone was on a budget!).  There are so many stunning shoes around, but my size 41 (10) feet are making it impossible for me to bring any of them home.  I make do with a pair of Swarovski crystal earrings instead.
For lunch we grab burgers before heading off to see the newly opened Gardens by the Bay.  Feb, Jo, Lindsay and I go in search of the giant garden funnels, while Sarah and Erin retire to the hotel.  The Gardens are stunning and the scale of them unbelievable until you are standing in it.
Later in the afternoon Feb, Erin and I scour Central in search of foot relaxation and soon find ourselves in 3 side by side salon chairs getting our legs massaged back into shape – such a lovely way to spend an afternoon with friends.
I’ve managed to talk the other girls into a visit to the original Botanic Gardens for this evening, where there’ll be a performance by a group called Teng.  The group has performed at high profile events such as the Singapore HeritageFest, Shanghai World Expo and Youth Olympic Games.  These guys put modern beats to traditional Chinese instruments and they are performing for free tonight, so I thought ‘Why not?’  The guys are amazing.  At one point a beautiful feminine voice rings out from the amphitheatre and we are all looking for the woman singing because all we can see are the seven guys standing on the stage.  Turns out, the voice is coming from one of them!  Another number features rhythmic drummers.  It’s a great show, and aside from the music, its great to be sitting back on the lawn watching Singaporeans in their down time with their dogs and picnic blankets.
Afterwards, we find the MRT and make our way to Chinatown for some shopping at the Night Markets and dinner.  There’s loads of bargains to be had here, a great place for souvenir shopping.
But one of the highlights of Chinatown, as we discover, is Da Dong, which commenced operation in 1928, and is now located on Smith Street.  We were strolling around looking for somewhere to eat, when we all seemed to look across at some dishes that had just been delivered to one of the outside tables.  All heads turned as we collectively came to the conclusion that this food looked awesome, so we grabbed a table. I order a bowl of chicken and sweet corn soup which is divine and absolutely what I need for my burgeoning cold, thick, sweet and salty – yum.  I also go for a sliced fish dish which is also wonderful, washed down with a few glasses of house wine.  This was exactly the kind of meal I wanted tonight!  I couldn’t even begin to tell you what the other girls ordered because I was in heaven with my meal, but I will also be putting Da Dong on the menu for the next trip.
After dinner was a little more shopping before strolling back to our hotel a couple of blocks away.

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