Life as Normal

I was looking forward to spending time with my cousin Paula today, but as an early riser, I headed to the Old Town to wander around and see what there was to do in the meantime. In the main square, housed in one of the old townhouses, I found the Museum of Warsaw.

Below the streets of Warsaw…

Stepping down into the first floor of the exhibition, which was below street level, scale models, coreflute boards and an interactive wooden townhouse board, told the story of Warsaw – her fluctuating population, the types of employment, pre and post war modelling and remnants of war rubble – everyday items like glasses and ceramics.

The remaining four floors continued Warsaw’s story via photos, postcards, fashion and art. The photos of Warsaw pre and post World War 2 were particularly interesting.

Um, not really my kind of art…

It was all quite interesting, but for me, the highlight of this museum was what you find when you finish climbing the stairs to the 5th floor – sweeping views of the Rynek.

The view from the 5th floor

For the rest of the day, Paula and I had decided to take her son Marcel to the local pools. I jumped on the tram and navigated the streets towards the pool, as directed by my phone’s GPS. I was finding Warsaw’s tram system great and had used it a few times already. Sadly, Perth didn’t enjoy a service like this.

Entry to the pools

The pool was nothing special – a large expanse of grass with lots of shade, several pools for paddling or swimming and a small waterslide – but what I liked about it most, was that I was actually experiencing a slice of Warsaw life that most travellers wouldn’t. And it was the perfect way to cool down from the relentless heat. We tanned, chatted and paddled the afternoon away.

Afterwards, Paula and I headed back to her apartment, stopping along the way to enjoy dinner at her localy Thai restaurant, followed by snacks and some extremely large glasses of wine. It was awesome, with great company and MTV playing Sammantha Fox’s ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now’. This was the side of Warsaw I wanted to see most.

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