Last Drinks

Our last day in Albany arrived way too quickly. I could easily spend a whole week here because there was so much we didn’t get to see. With only a few hours til check out, we decided to enjoy a walk along the beach. I was amazed at shoreline, awash with all sorts of shells, the size of which I had never seen in Perth. I collected a hatfull, to take home as a memory of our time here.

Before we left town, we stopped into the Alkaline Cafe, Albany’s only 100% gluten free, vegan/vegetarian cafe. Stacked with comfy sofa chairs, it was a warm, cosy goodbye to Albany.

This trip to Albany reminded me just how much of Western Australia I hadn’t yet seen and how if I just jumped in the car every now and again for a small road trip, I could find a wealth of places to enjoy.

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