Last Chance in Przemyśl

The last day of my geneology tour of Poland. Zenon drove me to Przemyśl so we could visit one last cemetery. I had found graves for Michał’s parents, Wojciech and Anna and I thought I could leave with the graves, a little woodman’s tool that Michał had made himself. Part of a set, I thought I would like to return a piece of him, to them and to Poland.

But when we find the graves, the dates don’t align. Of course they don’t. I can’t believe that there is another couple with the same names on the area, while my Keller’s are ghosts.  So, not only have I found nothing about Michał, but things I thought had a great chance of substantiating turned up nothing.

I can’t complain though, because simply being in this part of Poland, which I probably wouldn’t have visited, is magical. It really is gorgeous and spurs me onto want to see more of and spend more time in Poland.

In fact all of the places I have visited this week have been worth the visit in some small way and although I found little in the way of paperwork and confirmations, I did actually achieve what I set out to do – to walk where they walked.

Waving goodbye to Zenon outside my hotel for the night, I had the rest of the afternoon to explore Przemyśl’s old town centre.

Taking a seat outside a local pub, I ordered the regional Bigos, which meant cabbage without the usual tomato based sauces, and thought about the past week. It had felt longer than a week, and tiring. I needed to leave Michał in the past and accept I may never find out any more. I was not prepared to give up on Lucy yet. And then there was my actual grandfather, Krzysztof. Another story again.

Ashort walk around town and suddenly I felt tired.  I spent the afternoon napping, not leaving the room until early evening in search of food.

Tomorrow I would be on the train ride back to Warsaw.

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