In Support of the Singaporean Economy

First up this morning Feb, Erin, Jo and I head off to Brunetti for breakfast.  I’ve started to come down with a sore throat, and with a pharmacy near by to stock up on strepsils, Brunetti’s is the perfect spot.
Next stop – Orchard Road!  I’m not sure how many hours we spend in Zara, but the four of us come out with a number of bags full of treasures!  The clothes in Zara are beautiful, I could have bought so much more, and the prices are fabulous!  Next we visit Marks and Spencer, and again there are more bags full of shopping in our hands when we leave (I found the cutest sweatshirt – navy with white love hearts over it, awesome cut and fit and it will be perfect for Japan!).
Very Cool!

Next door is ION Orchard and I have a feeling we will be here for a while!  And have a geez at the bathrooms in this place – you don’t have to touch a thing in here, the toilet flushes itself (sometimes while your on it if your not careful!), the soap squirts itself onto your hands and the tap turns on itself to rinse it off!

After a while, Lindsay and Sarah join us and we all go off in our separate ways and agreeing to meet up for lunch.  A couple of the girls have been craving dumplings, so when we spot the Dynasty Paradise we grab a ticket and line up.  We were expecting a family friendly kind of restaurant, but when our number is finally called, we are led down a long hallway to a massive and elegantly decorated restaurant.  Our table is right in front of the kitchens large glass windows and we can watch the chefs making fresh noodles.
Our table is quickly adorned with dumplings, pork buns, soup, pork belly and beer and its sooo tasty!  Definitely well worth the wait for our table.
Lunchtime at Dynasty Paradise
After lunch, we split up again.  Erin, Jo and I head back to the hotel.  We grab a cab and the driver says to us “Thank you for supporting the Singaporean economy with your shopping!”  We told him this was only 1/2 a days shopping and there was another 3 of us out there buying up!  Jo heads off for a much needed rest and Erin and I head across the road to Central – yes another shopping centre.  This one is filled with more one off kind of shops, but I manage to find a few goodies before stopping off for a manicure, after all, we are off to Ku De Ta for dinner tonight!
We meet in our room for pre-dinner drinks and then we are off.  We arrive at Ku De Ta and are ushered to our table (not too close to the edge of the building much to the delight of Jo and Erin), where we set about trying to decide which cocktails and food we will be delighting in tonight.  The drinks are strong and good.  The food is absolutely divine!  There are small plates of all sorts of food adorning our table and it is mouthwateringly awesome.
Girls Night Out at Ku De Ta

I must admit we were all scared by the size of the bill that would be awaiting us by the end of the night, but it wasn’t that shocking at all. This place is fantastic – I will be back.

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