Iguana Nightmares

Oh great!  The iguana nightmares have started.  You know the one where you’re merrily walking down the road until suddenly he appears – a massive blue/green iguana, teeth bared, hissing his scaly little head off, chunkly little legs running towards you, his jaws ready to lock down on you at any moment.  You go to scream, but no sound comes out, ‘help me, somebody please help me’, you scream as you run for your life…then, thank goodness.  You wake up in a pool of sweat – it was just a dream!

Ahem…right, well on with the story.  Iguana nightmares aside, planning for my journey to the other end of the world is going swimmingly well!  The stops are all locked in (Perth, London, Grand Cayman Islands, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Singapore and then home), all my flights are now booked and I’m making a good start on the accommodation.

Accommodation is such a tricky one for me!  I’m definitely not the hostel type of person (unforunately for my budget), and I like something a bit different, but also the location needs to be great.  I’ve just booked my one night’s accommodation in Singapore in a funky looking little boutique hotel in Chinatown that has its own balcony with a claw foot bath tub outside!  The other good thing is, it’s near a part of Chinatown that I’ve been unable to explore as yet, so hopefully I’m not too exhausted on my trip home, and I can be bothered to take a wander around.

One thing that has surprised me is that I’ve always made a plan and stuck to it.  But this time I seem to be changing stuff all over the place and the interary keeps shifting and changing with the days!  Do I stay in the cities or try and get out to the countryside?  How much shopping do I schedule in (stupid question)?  Where do I utilise a tour group and where can I save money by doing it myself?  What non-touristy things can I do?  And then, Oh God, I’ve forgotten to put in a fitness activity – where can I fit that?

It’s really like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle!  Just as well I like puzzles…

One thought on “Iguana Nightmares

  1. Oh the Iguana’s here are endless and I think I pissed myself reading your intro. They have no intress locking teeth on you i promise, by the time you leave the Grand Cayman you’ll be best buds with these cute adorable little creatures.

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