Having a Whine

The hardest part of moving to a new city for me so far is Friday afternoons.

Or maybe more precisely, it’s that I have no job and no friends to share those Friday afternoons with yet.

Sure, back in Perth it was such a hard slog to get through every week, but Friday afternoons presented that glorious few hours where you could have a glass of wine or a beer with your work mates and talk it all out.  Forget the stresses.  Look forward to a couple of days of your own agenda to refresh yourself and begin again.

In this city, I can hear all the noises of people doing just that, and I can see them making their way from office to bar and I want to be one of those people again.

In a last ditch attempt to be one of those people this afternoon, I signed up to one of those meet up groups.  They were meeting down at Southbank for drinks and I could really have used that.  I guess it was a little unrealistic to join the group two hours before the event.

So, like the recruiters I’ve been chasing for a job, they are yet to ‘approve’ me.  And for this Friday, I’m watching from the balcony with my glass of wine.

One thought on “Having a Whine

  1. Hmpf,
    They don’t know what they’re missing Michelle!!
    What do you mean ‘approve’ you? (never ever signed up for anything like that)… brave girl!!

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