Goodbye and Hello

The time finally came for me this week, to say goodbye to friends Yoshi and Katie, who are off on a jaunt near and far, all around the world for however long it takes!  They’ve sold up eveything they own and packed their lives into a couple of massive backpacks, and that’s it, they ‘re off.  Such a huge thing to do, I really am in awe of them.
But it’s given me even more reason to get on this trip to Japan by myself; 1.  Katie has made me realise that it’s such a big wide world out there, full of all sorts of people and things, some of which are good, some bad, but all of which can be seen in a multitude of different ways, and educate and wisen you up and make you into a well rounded and tolerant individual, and 2.  I would love to catch up with them once a year (subject to Katie and Yoshi rejecting me – doh!), every year from now on, wherever they are in the world, even if (or should I say especially if) they are somewhere I would never imagine going, but definitely to hopefully visit some old favourites such as Cambodia and Japan.
And to do that, there’s going to have to be a fair bit of solo travel.  And some eyes wide open.  So I’m so glad I have finally decided to take the plunge with my solo trip to Japan in November.
Good luck guys, and I can’t wait for our first get together next year – Cayman Islands – here I come!

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