Going it Alone

As I sit on my rooftop balcony overlooking the Melbourne city skyline (not a cloud in sight), planning the details of my next overseas holiday, I find myself reflecting.

Where is the girl who never wanted to leave the comfort of her home in Australia to travel?

Where is the girl who sat crying on the floor of her hotel room in China, overwhelmed to saturation point by culture shock?

Where is the girl who couldn’t imagine travelling alone?

She’s busy collecting mental pin board markers for the places she’s been and dreaming about the places she’s yet to see.

It’s only been about two and half years since my first trip alone to autumn-drenched Japan, but it feels like a lifetime.  I laugh when I think back to how daunting it all seemed in the beginning – nightmares about getting lost in airports, being mugged in foreign streets and panicking about not knowing the language.  But by taking the chance, I have been rewarding handsomely.

It got me thinking about how I got through it all and I thought that others contemplating this leap of faith might find comfort in some of the tips and advice I used to get me through – so here’s my new chapter on Solo Travel Tips – just for you!

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