Get out of Town!

Things were going a bit slowly in Melbourne (although my mattresses turned up just before we left so we won’t have to pay $500 a night for accommodation when we get back, as long as Adairs FINALLY come through with my bedding order), and we have that amazing car perfect for road trips, so we decided to get out of the rat race and spend a couple of days in the beautiful countryside of Daylesford/Hepburn Springs – minerals spring capital of Australia.  Only an hour and a half away, and it’s a different world (though I am missing the arrival of Jean Paul Gaultier back in town!).

DSC01108 We are staying in the beautiful spa villas in Hepburn, cute little open plan places with everything you need for a few days of peace and quiet. DSC01112

The streets, and surrounding scenery is just gorgeous.  But the streets are strangely quiet, everything closed.

The cold is rolling in over the hills rather quickly.  A couple of cocktails and a weekday roast at the Old Hepburn Hotel…great way to spend a chilly night in the countryside.


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