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My friend Katie is currently travelling around the world.  But the one thing that is common in all her blog posts and photostreams, is that wherever she is, she is running (round in circles on boat decks), walking (through favelas), climbing glaciers (with cats) or hiking (usually into forbidden property!).  Wherever she is, she’s exercising as well as taking in the sights.
I was thinking about this whilst walking around the Swan River yesterday.  I couldn’t believe how many changes there were around the city, new signposts, new sculptures, new cafes and new activities (never knew you could hire canoes at Fraser Point – heck I didn’t even know there was a Fraser Point!).  It’s amazing how much more you see when you are on foot, as opposed to driving or taking public transport or following your everyday routes.  Not to mention, you are also keeping fit!
If this is a great way to see my own city, and I’m confident enough to do that, then why not apply it to other cities?  When I’m out walking, I’ve got my headphones in, my glasses and hat on and I block everyone out.  So wouldn’t it be great to apply this theory to my solo trip?
I have revisited my itinerary for Japan, and reworked it a little so I can incorporate this theory.  Obviously walking tours are a great way to get around, and I have information on one to join in Gion, Kyoto and another in Shinjuku, Tokyo.  I thought it would also be good to set myself a goal to achieve whilst I was there – so I’ve chosen a location that I really want to visit, which incorporates a challenge that I have set for myself – which I won’t divulge now (hehe, you’ll just have to keep reading to find out!).
So now my pre-trip challenge is to find a pair of walking boots that go nicely with jeans…. 

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