Flying, flying and yep – more flying!

Day 27/28:  San Francisco / Hong Kong

Leaving San Francisco last night, it occurred to me that I couldn’t think of any redeeming features about the place at all.  It’s not pretty, day or night, its miserable, I didn’t find the people friendly, the homelessness is saddening, the wharf is really touristy – and no seals – Alcatraz is hard to get a ticket for, the weather is crap, the streets are so hilly that it’s not fun to explore.  The best things about it were the meal at Millenium and the chocolate at Ghirardelli.  It’s funny how some places draw you in and others – well others kind of slap you in the face.

But I’m back in the air again and on my way home.

All this flying is getting tiring. I’ve now flown six different airlines, eaten so many different airline meals and have seen lots of movies including some I wish I hadn’t (I’m talking to you the Incredible Burt Wonderstone).  I’ve noticed that there are screaming children and inconsiderate, dumb people on every flight (why do you always choose to use the loo as soon as the hosties start service and seriously, how many times does she need to tell you to put your seat to the upright position and turn off your mobile phone?)  There’s different rules for what you need to do at security checkpoints at different airports – shoes on/ shoes off, laptop in cover/laptop out of cover.  There’s good airport lounges (Changi/Seattle) and not so good ones (Miami/Perth).  But it all adds to the experience of travelling.

Sitting in Hong Kong International Airport, waiting for my connection to Singapore, I smile to myself knowing that I’m almost home.

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