Earlier that week…..

I had been thinking about Japan constantly for some reason, but then I’m always thinking about places to go and it was just dreaming.

On Thursday, I had a crap morning at work. So to make myself feel better I went to the travel agent and got some brochures on Japan, just to dream a little more.

On Friday, my gorgeous friend Katie was coming over for dinner, and now that she’s leaving the country I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give her back her Japanese Language book, seeing as I’d only had it for about two years. ‘Oh just keep it’ she said.

On Sunday, my sister Leigh came over to find my lounge room floor covered in Japanese brochures. “Ooh, thinking of going to Japan are you? When are you doing that?” I told her I wasn’t really seriously thinking about it but next time I’d go in a different season to Spring – Autumn would probably be gorgeous!

Then on Monday, whilst flicking through Leigh’s Sunday Times, would you believe the ads for discounted flights to Japan? All of a sudden, the last few days came back to me, flashing above my head, like “Oh good God girlfriend, will you just take the hint already!”

Only problem is, I’ve never done something like this before. I don’t travel by myself. I’m a travel scaredy cat. I freak out if people look at me the wrong way, and would probably be likely to just go back to my hotel room and stare at the wall or spend hours watching tv in a language I don’t understand. But Leigh and Mike are sitting there, goading me along, going through all the pros and cons and the outcome is, this is something I have to do! Something I have to make myself do.

So I come home and work out all the would be dates, cause the airfare sale ends the next day. I make a draft itinerary of the places and the tours I want to do so that I don’t miss the days on which they run. I don’t sleep all night. I wake up panicking – OMG what happens if there’s an earthquake? Yes, you definitely shouldn’t go. No, no, calm down Michelle. You are going. Just go in a tour group.

I wake the next morning in a panic trying to flick through Intrepid and Kumuka’s websites, before leaving for work, to check their tour dates so I can line them up in case I need to travel with others.

On the train I think, do I seriously want to do this on a tour? I mean you have been there before, you know where you want to go, and let’s face it, you just don’t want to share a bathroom with anyone else at the end of the day! So I’ll do it solo.

OK, so I get to work and say to my colleagues, I’m thinking about maybe going to Japan. And 15 minutes later the flights were booked.

Aaaahhhhh, what the hell have I done! Who pressed the submit form button on the Singapore Airlines website while I wasn’t looking? I stared at the screen for about 1/2 an hour, looking at the flights I’d just booked myself. Crap, now I really am going.

And this is my single girls guide to solo travel in Japan!

Yes, soooo, November 21, I am going to Japan. By myself. And I am going to love it!

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