If only I packed my glittery red slippers…

I open the window to a beautiful blue-sky day and excitedly put on my sandals.  Normally, I would put on sensible walking shoes, but I've come from my first winter in Melbourne and am desperate for some warm sun and open toed shoes.  Plus I plan to take it pretty easy and apart from starting [...]

Pretending to be Made in Chelsea

Day 4:  London My love of Made in Chelsea Grabbing a glass of champagne she toasted to the birthday boys, before adding “A second toast to my best friend Rosie for hooking up with my boyfriend Hugo Taylor when we were together and then lying about it”.  After a collective gasp around the room, she [...]

London by Bus

Day 3:  London OMG what a noisy city at night London is.  There are constant sirens and they all seem to stop close by.  Either that or they just turn their sirens on for the time they are passing by my hotel, and then continue on their way in silence... Anyway, it's Sunday morning, which gives [...]

Wheeling Around London

Day 2:  London I know I should probably try and sleep in this morning, but I just can't.  Half of it is that I'm just excited, and the other half is because I just actually can't sleep.  Oh and the fact its light at around 4am!  I may as well jump straight into it and [...]

The Wonder of Google Maps

Everyone knows I'm a planner by now.  So it'll come as no surprise to you that before I go on a trip, I get on Google Maps and scope out the destination I'm travelling too.  Part of it is just excitement building up, and the other part is that I can see what is going [...]