Flying, flying and yep – more flying!

Day 27/28:  San Francisco / Hong Kong Leaving San Francisco last night, it occurred to me that I couldn't think of any redeeming features about the place at all.  It's not pretty, day or night, its miserable, I didn't find the people friendly, the homelessness is saddening, the wharf is really touristy - and no [...]

Um, ho-hum

Day 25:  San Francisco I was looking forward to getting out of the city on a cycling wine tour through Californian wine country today.  I thought this might make up for yesterdays opinion of San Fran.  After a very bland, boring free breakfast (why can't I go back to Ace where there's waffles and granola?), [...]

Disappointment Leaving, Disappointment Arriving

Day 24:  Seattle / San Francisco I don't want to leave Seattle.  I wish I had way more time to enjoy this city.  Obviously I knew that the music history side of the city would reel me in, but I didn't expect how pretty it would be and what an awesome vibe the city emanated. There's [...]

Jubilation and Paradise

Day 23, Seattle Today has dawned a stunningly blue, beautiful warm day - the absolute definition of a perfect day.  This is going to be a good day, I think to myself.  Yesterday I couldn't see Mt Rainier from either the seaplane nor the Space Needle, but today I think the Gods are smiling on [...]

Expect the Best

Day 22:  Seattle Oh what's this?  Another day filled to the brim with new and exciting things to do?  Righty then, best I finish my granola and yoghurt, wash it down with my coffee and get on with it! Scenic Flight on a Seaplane Taking a Seattle seaplane tour is a quintessential Northwest experience apparently.  [...]

The Land of Bigmuff Superfuzz, Subpop and Long Hair

Day 21:  New York/Seattle Given that I was already 3kg over my luggage allowance upon leaving Grand Cayman Island, I needed to do something about my luggage, by shipping some home ahead of me.  I found the New York post office on my travels last night and figured it would cost me the same to buy [...]

Punk Chaos Meets Shanghai Glamour

Day 20:  New York Most people probably don't know this about me, but growing up I wanted to be a fashion designer.  I made scrapbooks and notebooks of research on design and sketches of outfits I was going to create.  But in Perth in the early 90's, there wasn't a lot of opportunity in the creative arts [...]

A Big Day of Sights in the Big Apple

Day 19, New York They are right when they say that New York is the city that never sleeps.  It's a cacophony of horns and sirens all night long.  But I'm not complaining about my noisy nights sleep cause it serves to remind me that I am in Nu Yawk!  So when it's light enough, [...]

Little Flight to the Big Apple

Day 18:  Grand Cayman Island / New York Today it's time to say goodbye to great friends.  I've had the trip of a lifetime.  I've seen and done so many things outside my comfort zone.  For the girl who doesn't like the ocean, iguanas, turtles, stingrays or sand, many days have certainly been a challenge, but I've [...]