Little Flight to the Big Apple

Day 18:  Grand Cayman Island / New York Today it's time to say goodbye to great friends.  I've had the trip of a lifetime.  I've seen and done so many things outside my comfort zone.  For the girl who doesn't like the ocean, iguanas, turtles, stingrays or sand, many days have certainly been a challenge, but I've [...]

Standing Up in Cayman

Day 17:  Grand Cayman Islands This mornings news runs a story about a plane crash at San Francisco International Airport.  Two dead, no idea of the cause.  It's causing all kinds of delays to flights though, with the earliest flights to SFO likely to be Wednesday.  I'm not due to fly to San Fran until [...]

The Other Side of Cayman

Day 16:  Grand Cayman Islands My last weekend on the island already and Katie and Yoshi have a big day of sightseeing on the other side of Cayman, namely Bodden Town (Pirate Caves), Cayman Kai (Starfish and Rum Points) and the East End (Wreck of the Ten Sails and Library Beach).  We pack picnic snacks and [...]

Dolphins and Buckaneers

Day 15:  Grand Cayman Islands Katie and I start the day with a nice walk around the golf course.  Nice walk until, like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, Katie gets swooped by some rather aggressive little black birds, fired up by mating season.  Checking to make sure there's no blood, we continue [...]


Day 14:  Grand Cayman Islands Today is a nice clear day - I've been waiting for another one of these!  It's a good thing because I'm off kayaking again today, this time through mangrove country. Mangrove Kayak We paddle into the mangrove forest to discover the world under the mangrove canopy.  We glide through the waters looking for wildlife [...]

Parasailing and Ponies

Day 13:  Grand Cayman Islands Today is parasail day - another challenge I wanted to set for myself on this trip.  So you can imagine my horror, when I switch on the TV and the news is carrying a story about a parasail incident in Florida.  Two teenage girls had ended up in a critical [...]

The Art of Cayman

Day 12:  Grand Cayman Islands Well, it's another windy, overcast day in Cayman.  But at least today, that means perfect weather to hit up the National Gallery.  Given the cooler break in weather, I decide to walk, ignoring the light rain.  Then the slightly heavier rain, then the quite heavy continuous rain.  Several people stop [...]

A Day of Constitution

Day 11:  Grand Cayman Island Today is Constitution Day in Grand Cayman. Cayman received its first written constitution in 1959, the same year in which Cayman ceased to be a dependency of Jamaica.  In 1962, following Jamaica’s independence from England, Cayman chose to remain as a Crown Colony.  In 1972, a new constitution was introduced [...]


Day 10:  Grand Cayman Islands Windy Days on Grand Cayman Island This morning is blowing a gale again.  I haven't yet mentioned that I am on Grand Cayman Island during hurricane season (probably because I'm trying to forget it myself), which runs from June through November each year.  And although Grand Cayman Island has been [...]