The Last of Istanbul

This is my last full day in Istanbul and I'm up and outside the Basilica Cistern as soon as it dawns 9am to escape both the heat and the crowds that I've seen lining up here over the last few days.  My Welsh cousins also put me onto this one and as I descended into [...]

Sunsets in Istanbul

Istanbul in late August is hot.  The tiring kind of hot where you're clothes seem wet through and every step is a mini battle.  So when I step out for the day, I go early today with the intention of returning to the respite of the hotel room for the middle of the day and heading [...]

Istanbul Overview

As I lay in bed listening to the early morning call to prayer, I say it out loud, the words I've been thinking all night.  'I'm not going home today'. I've decided I just can't leave this city after one day.  It wouldn't be fair to miss out and I'm here now right?  I've never [...]


OK, come on - you can do it.  Just one more bus trip.  One more city. Please don't get me wrong - I have enjoyed this journey so much and been to places I knew nothing about and got an absolute kick out of them.  It's just all the long days on buses to only [...]