So….Cruise vs DIY?

So did we do it better than taking a cruise? Well, if you take out having to lug our suitcases everywhere, on and off trains, to and from airports and up and down all the steps we ended up having to navigate, then we obviously would have had a better time of it on a [...]


After an unexpectedly long tram ride on the historic No. 28 this morning (he was going too fast to see what the stops were and they are not printed anywhere inside the tram - take note travellers), we finally arrived in Rossio, a few minutes walk away from the square. It's a glorious morning, the [...]

On the Pasteis trail

For breakfast this morning we head up the street to a little deli advertising a breakfast special.  In fact it's the only dish they serve for breakfast, but that's fine with us and before long we have coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, french toast (cheese and ham toastie) and a pasteis de nata - Portuguese egg [...]