Trams, Trains, Buses and Cars

Today is set to be a long day of travel.  L O N G. From Eger, we board a local bus to Debrecen two and a half hours away.  Debrecen is Hungary's second largest city.  After spending a couple of hours to stop for lunch and stock up on snacks, we hop aboard the train into [...]

Bull’s Blood

After a late start, during which I attempt to do some blogging (not very successfully), we leave our hotel in Budapest and head for Keleti Railway Station, via a trolley bus.  Recently renovated, the interior of the station is quite stunning.  It is the largest of three train stations in Budapest and was considered the [...]

Not Down, But Washed Out!

It seems there are a few things in common that both Hedy and I want to see today, so glad for some company, we head off together to see the Parliament Building (close up this time) and try to find the Shoes along the Danube.  Along the way, we come across what I can only [...]

A Glimpse of Hungary’s Terrifying Past

When I read about Memento Park in a poster on my last visit to Budapest, I was incredibly disappointed that I would miss out on visiting it.  I mean who wouldn’t be interested in strolling through a park of giant, concrete communist and cold war relics?  Straight to the top of the list for this [...]

Going to Ruin

Those who have been following me since about this time last year will remember that I had one very rainy afternoon and evening in Budapest after my Intrepid tour through central Europe last September.  I loved the city straight away, despite the rain, and was disappointed at having such a limited amount of time here.  The [...]

Beatle Bug Escapes

I've got about half a day to check out some more of Berlin so I get up nice and early to start the day.   I arrive back in the area of Checkpoint Charlie and even though it's fairly early in the morning, there's still a crowd assembled. There are a lot of things to see [...]

Get that Knife away from my Sister’s Head!

Growing up I didn’t really know much about Poland.  I knew we had funny little folk costumes of garish red and green stripes, with peasant shirts and felt vests and ribbons and garlands of flowers for our heads, that there was different food at my Babcia’s (grandmother’s) house, and that my Babcia spoke a funny language [...]

Are you that Hungary?

Unfortunately we arrived late into Budapest and it was raining.  Continuously raining.  All. After.  Noon. Some of us collected together for a rather wet walk to the Central Market Hall.  The markets are HUGE!  There's wonderful looking meats, cheeses, fruit, and lots and lots of paprika everywhere.  Upstairs are souvenir items such as traditional dress, [...]