Beatle Bug Escapes

I've got about half a day to check out some more of Berlin so I get up nice and early to start the day.   I arrive back in the area of Checkpoint Charlie and even though it's fairly early in the morning, there's still a crowd assembled. There are a lot of things to see [...]

Patti Smith and the Berlin Wall

In Europe last year, whenever I had a conversation with someone about travelling in Europe, they would wax lyrical about Berlin.  It was incredible.  You had to go.  It was one of the best places they had been.  But I was en-route to Poland and it wasn’t to be on that trip.  So this trip, [...]

Berlin Beach Bars and Balaclavas

I'm on the move again, bright and early this morning.  I'm catching the train to Brussels Airport for my flight to Berlin.  Brussels airport is incredible.  Check in is automated, there are cars on display, PS4 stations, bicycles where you can charge your phone by cycling, the staff are friendly and the food tastes good!  [...]

Where the Craziness All Began

I had briefly entertained the thought of visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau when I got to Poland, but Mum and Dad had already been there, and the trip was going to be an all-day affair when I really wanted to spend as much time with my parents in Poland as possible.  So I thought that maybe being in [...]

Welcome to Our Bierkeller Ms Keller!

Today I thought it best to knock over a number of things in Munich, and it looked as though the easiest way to do it, transport wise, was to jump on a city sightseeing bus.  Although I'd say €20 was a bit steep, I did get to see streets and monuments that I wouldn't have [...]

The King Who Fancied Tutus

This morning  am onboard a tour bus for a trip to visit Neuschwanstein Castle.  The drive out through the countryside is beautiful.  Impossibly green rolling fields, neat paddocks, cows lolling disinterestedly in the fields, wooden barns - its all very charming.  Not to mention the typically German-looking  towns with their clusters of a-frame homes, all [...]