Keeping On Keeping On

I'm fully aware that it's been way too long since I wrote last.  I am guilty of that thing called 'taking too much on' and had to have a swift talking to myself in which I clearly pointed out this was not why I moved to Melbourne. And now I have so much I need [...]

Working it Out

I'm sure I won't be alone when I say that trying to find a job in a new city can be tough. Unless you are lucky enough to know someone, your usual support networks which you've usually spent years building up, are suddenly gone.  Sure, you've got great references and you know you can do [...]

Between some Rock and a Harsh Place

On average, one woman is killed every week as a result of intimate partner violence. And not only is domestic violence the principal cause of homelessness for women and children, but 1 in 3 women has experienced physical and/or sexual violence by someone known to them. To put that in perspective, that's 20 out of [...]

Having a Whine

The hardest part of moving to a new city for me so far is Friday afternoons. Or maybe more precisely, it's that I have no job and no friends to share those Friday afternoons with yet. Sure, back in Perth it was such a hard slog to get through every week, but Friday afternoons presented that glorious few [...]

Living on Flinders

You know Flinders right?  Famous for the quote 'Hey diddly ho neighbourino!' Oh wait, that's Ned Flanders.  Hang on, Flinders, Flinders, ok here we go... Born in 1774, he is the man who gave Australia her name.  Matthew Flinders was an English naval captain and hydrographer who detailed charts of much of the Australian coastline.  Entering [...]


You may recall me recently mentioning that I had fallen in love with a painting that I had seen in the Convent Gallery in Daylesford. You may recall I waxed lyrical about the artist and how the work pulled me in straight away and how I loved the vibrancy of the piece. Well, I bought [...]

Goodness Mi!

Last month when I was in Melbourne to set up my apartment, on one of my city outings I happened to walk past a shop named Ba'get.  I'm not 100% sure why it caught my eye, maybe it was because my sister had recently travelled to Vietnam, but I put it on my radar for [...]

In Remembrance

Before I moved to Melbourne, I was working for a well-known mining company, and one of the things that really annoyed me was the lack of the pointed mark of respect that we give to those fallen soldiers of our Nation, during one minute of silence each year.  Of course I did my own personal minute of [...]

Alley Visitors

I can't remember if I mentioned before, but my apartment overlooks one of Melbourne's rather well-known alleys - AC/DC Lane.  It still surprises me every time I see people meander down here, camera in hand.  I think 'what're they here for then?'  And then I remember.  I live on a tourist attraction. How cool is [...]