The Delights of Early Morning Hanoi

Last night I double-checked the internet to make sure that my hotel had 24 hour reception.  It also had 24 hour security, which was comforting to note. So when I crept downstairs at 4am (yes 4AM) for my Good Morning Hanoi tour, I was surprised to see the reception area blanketed in darkness.  The sound [...]

Would the real banh mi please stand up?

I read that there is a big difference between good banh mi.  Living in Melbourne, I've become addicted to banh mi since I stumbled across it in a Vietnamese run restaurant called Baget.  I even did the cooking class.  So I can't wait to try banh mi here in Hanoi, where it's supposed to be [...]

Hanoi Slap

This morning I'm leaving Seoul on the 4.55am airport bus.  The streets are deserted - buses and taxis own this time of the morning.  At 7°C, it's quite warm this morning - you may laugh, but it is a big different from the 2°C yesterday morning where I was surprised to find the seats on [...]