Day 1 on the Mekong

Hannah and I rise early to catch the sunrise.  There are too many clouds for it to be spectacular but the serene calmness of the town before its inhabitants awake is priceless.  The air is still apart from the crowing of roosters.   The mountains on the Lao side of the Khong River are shrouded [...]

Sar’s Surprise

Today we leave Chiang Mai early for a long day on the road to Chiang Khong.  Chiang Khong is a border town between Thailand and Laos and is where we will begin our two day cruise down the Mekong River.  I'm a little nervous about what to expect, not being a fan of boats, but [...]

Because it’s Ladies Night…

Breakfast!  I'm starving because, as I knew I would, I was dreaming about that Khao Soi Chicken all night!  Luckily, not far from the hotel is a cute little bakery with a breakfast to satisfy even the hungriest of people.  In fact, the breakfast consisted of so much food, that Erin and I needed two [...]

My First Muoy Thai Match

I awake as we pull into a small station about a half hour from Chiang Mai.  Dogs, cats, chicken and geese roam along the tracks and platform.  Tropical plantlife surrounds the station.  It's peaceful and quaint. Chiang Mai station is possibly the loveliest station I've ever disembarked at with its spotless platform and it's lovely [...]

Reclining Buddha and the Golden Showers

Erin recalls a little cart down near Rambuttri where she had a breakfast of dumplings for the bargain price of 20 baht yesterday.  Sounds like a good idea, so off we head. All along the main road there are food stalls setting up for the day's trade.  We find the dumpling lady and order a [...]

Why Am I Doing This NOW?

I'm out of work at the moment.  For two months now, there's not been a single day of work available.  I wish I was back in Melbourne.  My dollars are dwindling - I just didn't see the absolute lack of work coming and then my beloved kitty Lili died unexpectedly (cue $$$ vet bill).  So [...]