Heading Towards Home

Today its time to head home. Now when I say heading home, well, we will be home in a few days and I didn’t want to tell you that we also have a few days in Singapore as well, because I always seem to be in Singapore and I didn’t want to bore you before [...]

Driven to Paradise

Apparently it only takes about two hours to drive around the island of Langkawi, so it seemed to us that it would be a good idea to hire a car for the day and take a drive. We had wanted to make our first stop at the Langkawi Cable Car and Oriental Village, but they seem to have chosen [...]

Island Hopping with Nick Saxon

This morning we are up bright and early to go island hopping.  Our taxi driver hits a black monkey which has unexpectedly swung down from a tree across the road.   I hope this isn't a sign of things to come! Waiting at the jetty for our boat to leave, a group of young men [...]

A Full Day of Travel for a Half Hour Flight

We were supposed to take a short half hour flight to reach Langkawi today. Unfortunately, Malaysia Airlines changed our flight (not sure if its anything to do with the missing flight MH370), so that it will now take us three and a half hours to get there, having to go via Kuala Lumpur!  If you [...]