Lima Site 27 and a Tragic Legacy

Local food is a much better way to go when you are travelling, so this morning I pop around to one of the streetside stalls - a much different set up than then Luang Prabang Bakery with it's open-sided shed configuration - to order a local bread roll, freshly made.  A million times nicer than [...]

On the Road to Vang Vieng

What does today have in store for us?  Well, we'll be spending most of it on the minibus, travelling from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng.  Vang Vieng used to be known as a real party town, overrun by hoardes of tourists tubing, drugging and drinking their way along Vang Vieng's waterways.  There were the inevitable [...]

Tuk Tuk me to Kuang Si

The weather isn't at its best for exploring today.  Light sprinkles of rain interrupt throughout the day and annoyingly the wet sand on the footpaths flicks up the back of my legs while walking.  These jeans will need a wash - and not the kind provided by rain. Luang Prabang is a pretty little place. [...]

Day 2 on the Mekong

About the only places open this morningare the bakeries lining the main road of Pakbeng.  Each counter is attended by small groups of tourists stocking up on breakfast and snacks for the next part of their journey down the Mekong.  The smell of breads and pastries mixes with the smell of meat roasting along the [...]