Are you that Hungary?

Unfortunately we arrived late into Budapest and it was raining.  Continuously raining.  All. After.  Noon.

Some of us collected together for a rather wet walk to the Central Market Hall.  The markets are HUGE!  There’s wonderful looking meats, cheeses, fruit, and lots and lots of paprika everywhere.  Upstairs are souvenir items such as traditional dress, Christmas decorations and table cloths.  Also upstairs is lunch, which is where we are heading.  Matt has been telling us about something we should try, called a langos.  It’s a deep fried flat bread made of dough, which you can then pile with any assortment of toppings you like – almost a kind of a pizza.  I just had mushrooms and cheese on mine, much to the disappointment of the stall holder – it’s clear people like their food big here.

Langos Stall


You should have seen the size of the hot dog one of the girls bought back – literally 30cm long and probably about 20cm across!  It was so big all she could do to eat it was to pull the filling out!

Tonight is our final night of the tour, as people head home or continue off towards other corners of the globe.  We have a nice little wine tasting in the cellar of the Hilton Hotel up at the Castle on the Buda side of town.

Wine Tasting 1

Wine tasting is followed by dinner close to our hotel, where over mushroom cappuccinos, pork knuckles and giant schnitzels we reminisce over the tour and then say our goodbyes.

It’s been a flying visit to Central Europe, with not nearly enough time to see and do everything, but at least I’ve managed to make it here finally.  Travel to Europe always seemed an unattainable dream.  But I’ve made it.  I’d still love to see Russia – who knows, I’ve still got time.  But I’m so excited for my next week or so, where I’ll be meeting up with my parents in Poland.

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    1. I got mine from a stall at the Central Market Hall when I was here last September and it was very yummy! My Urban Adventures guide did tell me that all these different toppings were a new thing and not the traditional topping you would have on a langos! I love them both!

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