Have We Met?

I never wanted to leave home when I was growing up. Going to some foreign country where the people were different, the food was strange and the culture was a million miles away from my own, quite frankly scared the crap out of me. But for some reason when a last minute opportunity came up for me to travel to China, I jumped on board, and though I didn’t enjoy it at the time (quite possibly because I had made my first trip out of Australia to a country that was culturally as different as you could get), the extent of what I had seen, heard and learnt really hit me once I’d had time to reflect. I didn’t travel much for the next few years, but the memories of that trip lay waiting in the back of my mind for the right opportunity.

That opportunity was the end of a relationship which left me questioning everything about myself – especially why I seemed to give so much of myself away and not get anything back. I vowed to never let this happen again and found a way to make sure I got everything I needed in my new relationship. My new love knew exactly how to entice me and keep me interested. It made me work hard, put in long hours and try things I never would have considered. My new love spoke many languages and showed me many different cultures. It was always exciting; there were some tough times too. But there were so many adventures. My new love was travel and it’s a love affair I hope will never end.

8 thoughts on “Have We Met?

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  2. Hello Michelle
    I just noticed your reply to my Paris comment back in May when we were both there! Snail mail social media for me…
    Discovered your reply while looking for your Portugal stories. I am thinking of going late November for a couple of months and would love to hear more about your stay.
    Perhaps we can chat via email.

  3. Ah! Melbourne – another of your favorite places. When you’ve a chance, love to learn more because your enthusiasm prompted me to consider Lisbon. Enjoy Melbourne.

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