A Tale of Two Gardens

Saxon Gardens

The Saxon Gardens (also known as Saski Park) is considered to be one of the oldest parks in the world. Flowerbeds of white and red dot the park, but the main inhabitant here is trees, the oldest one in the park having been aged at around 250 years old.

If you’ve heard of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, this is where you’d find it, two guards standing guard over the tomb, an eternal flame burning in the background. Dedicated to the unknown Polish soldiers who lost their lives in war, it is considered one of Poland’s most important monuments.

The monument itself was created from the only surviving fragment of the Saxon Palace which stood on these grounds until 1944.

Don’t forget to check out the magnificent fountain in the middle of the park – it was designed by Polish-Italian architect Henryk Marconi, who also designed the Hotel Europejski nearby.

Warsaw University Rooftop Gardens

If I was looking for a garden with a difference, then this was it. Entering through the doors of the Warsaw University and following the steps up to the garden, I found myself overlooking Warsaw’s skyline, standing in one of Europe’s largest rooftop gardens.

The green and purple architecture, domes and studded ironwork, gave the garden a real steampunk meets Alice in Wonderland kind of feel. It was definitely worth a visit.

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