Changi Beach Vibes

I’ve been saying forever that I want to explore Singapore’s Changi area more, and yet it’s somewhere I’ve still not seemed to reach. Until now.

A ten to fifteen minute cab ride from Changi Airport, you find a very different side of Singapore – a welcome distraction from the glitz of Orchard Road or the overpriced drinks of the Quays. I almost feel reluctant to tell you about it.

Tapping my EZLink card on the POS machine to pay for my fare (so handy), I hop out of the cab, unsure of where to head first. The waterfront seems like a good idea. A wooden boardwalk overlooks a jumble of boats, gently bobbing with the tide. This is Changi Point Ferry Terminal and these boats will willingly whisk you away to Pulau Ubin (which I STILL haven’t made it to…) – all you have to do is wait til there’s enough people to fill the boat. It’s a couple of bucks per ride, plus a little more if you are taking a bike with you, and the boats hold twelve people. It’s all cash operated and there are no set departure times.

Alongside the terminal, is the Changi Point Coastal Walk, an easy 2.2km scenic walk. Opposite the terminal, a small concrete bridge leads you to Changi Beach Park, where you’ll find a massive hand pointing to the sky (no idea what that’s about) and the site of the Changi Beach Massacre.

But if you aren’t heading out to PU, or looking to chill along the beach, there’s certainly plenty of places to eat. It was hard to decide where to head for really – the beachfront grill with the cool live tunes, one of the no-doubt awesome local eateries which line the village or back up the road to the very retro Coastal Settlement. But the afternoon heat was rolling in and as I lifted my sunnies to wipe away the sweat, one word caught my eye – “brewing”. This word belonged to the Little Island Brewing Company and once I’d spotted that word, there was no turning back.

At LIBC, you purchase a card and top it up with cash and then you are ready to tap and drink from a range of local brews.

They also have a fair sized menu and lots of space to chill. And the beer is pretty damn good!

It’s definitely a place I’d love to come back to; perhaps next time I’ll be boarding one of those boats for my illusive PU trip!

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