Christmas Road

Townhouse 50 has a great little breakfast.  There are fresh fruits and little spring rolls and dim sum, plus you get to choose one of a couple different main meals – usually some kind of eggs.  I’ve enjoyed my stay in this cute little place.

Several hours later, I arrive in Singapore and because of my budget constraints, I’m doing everything on the super cheap, which includes catching the train from the airport to my hotel.  By the time I arrive at the Naumi Liora, stepping in chewing gum along the way, I feel like the wreck of the Hesperus and am beginning to wish I’d sprung for a cab.  My room has the tiniest bathroom you’ve ever seen and I wonder if I’ll actually be able to get in the shower at all.  I do, and I emerge freshly cleaned and ready to explore the streets.

Being close to Christmas, the lights are strung up across Orchard Road, glittering away for all to see.  For six weeks each year, Orchard Road becomes a wonderland of twinkling lights, Christmas trees, stars and reindeers.  Each years display is different and more dazzling than the last.  This is my 3rd Christmas visit and it never fails to exite me like a little child.  I wish we had displays like this back home in Perth.

For dinner I jump on the MRT and head to Chinatown Food Street.  For a few years now, there’s been a salted egg yolk craze and each time I’ve tried to track down something to try, I’ve been out of luck.  I’m not leaving this time til I succeed, so it’s a good thing when I see a stall with salted egg yolk fried chicken.  Not the healthiest, but…oh well, you know.

The first thing I notice is that it’s incredibly salty.  And a little dry.  And probably should have some rice or something else with it.  When I think nobody is looking to notice that I’m leaving half a plate of food behind, I duck off to head back to my hotel.  After all the fresh flavours of Vietnam, this dish is just way too heavy and overpowering to make any great impressions on my palate.


On the way, I spy an icecream stand with some interesting flavours on offer.  Chili crab icecream would be a fantastic thing to try, I think to myself, handing over a couple of dollars.


Until I swallow the first spoonful and realise that no, no it is not.  I’ve really struck out with my menu choices tonight, which is strange for Singapore.  Maybe it’s just me and a good night’s sleep will fix everything.

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