Fourviere’s Treasures

With no particular agenda in store for today, a bus trip around the city is in order, and our first stop, was not really something I had an interest in seeing because I saw plenty of ruins in Europe on my last trip.  But we followed the other tourists who trudged off the bus and up the hill and we came to the ruins of a entertainment complex built by the Romans around 15BC and they were just incredible.

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The two complexes (a smaller and a larger ampitheatre) could hold 13,000 people all together and it was the heart of city life for almost three centuries.  From this point on Fourviere hill, you get an incredible view of the city of Lyon below.


Once you reach the top of the ruins, you are a short walk away from the Fourviere Basilica.

When travelling in Europe, there are also a lot of churches.  You kind of get a bit blaise, thinking oh great, another church.  wow.  And, although it’s beautiful from the outside, like most other incredible churches, you could be forgiven for thinking this was yet another one of those churches, snap a photo and walk on by.

But then you make the choice to go inside…

…and it makes you so glad you didn’t dismiss it.  Fourviere was built between 1872 and 1884 on the site of what was once the Roman Forum of Trajan.  The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary who is attributed to the salvation of the city from the plague that swept Europe in the 1600’s and sits on the hill keeping watch over the city of Lyon and her people to this day.



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