Second Homecoming

I’m packing my bags for the last part of my trip when I get a message.  It’s from my ten year old niece Lola.  I tell her I’m about to go to the airport.  “I’ll miss you”, she said.  “But I’ve already been gone for about ten days Lols”.  “Oh, I didn’t know” she texts.  “You need a calendar of when I’m away”, I joke.  “I think I do need a calendar” she writes.  You know you’ve done a fair bit of travelling when people in your family don’t know whether you are at home or not anymore!

And this year has been a bit different, with my feet barely touching the ground before I’m off somewhere else.  I’m calling it my gap year, albeit about twenty years too late.  It’s the year I’ve learnt the most and one that has opened my eyes about travelling, changing the way I do things and what I feel makes a holiday.  One big happy learning experience.

Driving through the streets of Hanoi on the way to the airport, I snap away on my camera, eager to record everything about Hanoi.  Memories to treasure, stories to tell, cultures to explain, food to rave about.  I love travelling.

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It’s no secret that Singapore is like my second home so that of course is where I’m heading next.  I figure that each time I visit there’s a niggling list of things that I want to see and do, that I just never seem to get around to, so my next five days is about just that – crossing of some of those ‘must do’ items before the thought of it drives me crazy.

I’ve even split my time between two hotels to make sure I have no excuses, so first up, I’m at the Bay Hotel across the road from the massive white shopping complex known as Vivocity.  Vivocity is not just a shopping centre though, it’s the gateway to Sentosa and an MRT/bus station, not to mention home to hundreds of shops and loads of restaurants.

A few hours wandering around shopping and some dinner is all I’m up for tonight, but tomorrow – I start crossing things off that list.

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