Keeping On Keeping On

I’m fully aware that it’s been way too long since I wrote last.  I am guilty of that thing called ‘taking too much on’ and had to have a swift talking to myself in which I clearly pointed out this was not why I moved to Melbourne.

And now I have so much I need to fill you in on!

Jean Paul Gaultier

Foxy Fi was in town so we took in a bit of culture at the NGV visiting the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition.  Some amazing pieces of work, some taking over 300 hours to produce!  And some displayed by freaky mannequins with real life faces displayed on them.  Were they real?  I don’t know, but I’m sure their eyes were following me and one tutted at me too.  Jugs of Pimms at the tram bar followed.

We also got to see the amazingly talented Ben folds.

Adalita & J Mascis

It was a rainy miserable night when I headed out to see two of the alternative music scene’s long running stars.  It wasn’t going to be a night of much chatter, which suited me fine, because thanks to some loser who ran across the rainsoaked road, and landed in a puddle that soaked my legs up to the knee, I wasn’t in the mood for chatter.  But chatter or no, both stars were in fine form.  Adalita played her new solo stuff, J some old favourites as well as a few covers.  Being around such awesome music all the time does wonders for the soul.

Jen & Lola’s Visit

In January, I had my first visit from my sister Jen and niece Lola.  We hit the ground running with a performance of Horrible Histories at the Playhouse, a mini tour of the city with a stop at the Immigration Museum and a day trip out to Werribee Open Range Zoo.  It was an awesome experience, and I think Lola loved it.

Hip Hop Othello

What goes perfectly with a bit of Shakespeare?  Hip Hop of course.  An awesome show at Hamer Hall.

Hip Hop Othello

Leigh & Mike’s Visit (& Soundwave)

Next up was what I would have to call the event of the year – Soundwave.  My sister Leigh and brother in law Mike made it over from Perth to join me for this mega weekend of absolutely awesomely amazing music – all our favourites – Soundgarden, Faith No More, Incubus, Slash, Fear Factory, God Smack, plus some new favourites like Steel Panther, One OK Rock and Cold Rain.  I could not have been more in heaven.

We were joined by some of Leigh and Mike’s friends from Perth, including the lovely Steve King, who was a regular at our house growing up, plus his lovely wife Grace.  It was nice to head out and about with a crew for a few days (so to speak).

We also managed to get into the Cherry Bar – no mean feat during this period seeing as this is where some the Soundwave crew and bands were hanging out.  We saw The Treatment, who were indeed a treat because they were great, and let’s not kid – we were there for star spotting.  And I’m pretty sure we were in the company of Incubus’s DJ Kilmore.  Just saying…

The fun didn’t stop there cause I had sideshows to attend, including my first visit to the Forum, which I’d been eyeing off.  I got to see the incredible Incubus here again, along with a spectacular show by La Butcherettes.

Chinese New Year

You all know it’s my favourite time of the year, so it was incredible to be in Melbourne where it is celebrated big time.  I spent the day down at Federation Square watching the lion dances, martial arts exhibitions and special dances.  Cong He Fat Choi!

Cocktails & Tapas

Grace was back in town this week, so it was lovely to catch up for an afternoon of cocktails and tapas.  We tried Transport Bar, Arboury (the new bar behind Flinders Train Station), and Ponyfish Island.  We found a great new place in Lonsdale Street called Bomba, and true to its name, it was the bomb.

Shifting Gear

The Grand Prix came to town, and whilst I didn’t get tickets, I decided to pay homage to the humble vehicle by attending the NGV’s Shifting Gear exhibition.  Held at the Ian Potter Centre (and my first visit to this branch of the NGV), I spent the morning ogling a number of sexy vehicles and remembering fondly our dark green Kingswood.  Cars are sexy.

Yarra Valley

I felt the need to get our of the city to explore so I booked a day tour to the Yarra Valley with Go West.  We had an awesome group of people and it was just a wonderful day.  We visited Yarra Farm fresh, Coldstream Dairy, a couple of wineries and a chocolate factory.  Now I know where to go to stock up on some nice fresh local produce!

Silent Disco

I had seen Guru Dudu’s silent disco prancing the streets back in December and had put it on my list of things to do, so when one of the girls at work said she was keen, off we went.  Once you were over the initial embarrassment of the Guru showing you his ‘assana’ and some rather awkward warm up moves, the headphones went on and just like Cliff Richard, we were wired for sound.  We took to the streets with our grooves, giving rather a lot of pleasure to those out and about in the city and not expecting to see a mob of people dancing to the music in their heads.

And the Melbourne International Comedy Festival has started this week.  I’ve already got tickets lined up for Noel Fielding and Akmal Sali, but I’m having a hell of a time trying to choose who else to go and see!

But that’s enough for now, I’m boarding a plane on Thursday…

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