Getting Arty

So because the cocktails were so good yesterday arvo, and because I have no fridge, we head back to the Duke for breakfast.  It’s quiet, and the friendly staff soon have coffees and menus at our table ready for us to order up a storm.  I think I’ll go light today and order the smashed avocado, only the serve is huge.  I can’t stop eating it though, lemony flavoured avocado with feta piled high on really tasty grainy bread.  And the coffees are so good we order two, while poring over the weekend newspaper.  I think I’m really going to love my local.

Breakfast at the Duke

Being Sunday in Melbourne means that the markets are on at the Arts Centre.  From 10am to 4pm, you can browse amongst a range of stalls selling all sorts of things from clever vendors – jewellery, soaps, clothes, cards and gifts.  And if you follow your nose, you’re sure to find fresh bread and gozlemes, beautiful little fairy cakes and spicy chutneys and curry mixes.


The Arts Centre itself, looking quite like the Eiffel Tower (though I’m sure nowhere near the actual size), play host to all sorts of theatre, dance, comedic performances, operas, hip hop and rock music performances and exhibitions.  The complex was opened in two stages – Hamer Hall opening in 1982 and the Theatres Building opening in 1984.  The buildings’ unusual 115m hire spire was the creation of Roy Grounds, and it was one of the first structures in Australia to rely on computer-aided-design CAD).

There’s lots of interesting sculptures around the grounds of the Art Centre too, including this one, called Sheep Shape.  I can’t tell you much about this sculpture, except that it contains a lot of sheep going in and out of wooden entrances in interesting ways…..


Unfortunately I won’t be in town for Halloween, when the Arts Centre hosts a ghost tour!  Woooohhhhoooooo…boo!

And boo hoo cause Mum heads back to Perth tonight, but I need to hang around a few more days for the deliveries to start rolling in.  Need to make my home as ready as possible for when I return with Princess Lili….


Sitting on my lounge floor, I can hear the sounds of Even (a Melbourne 3 piece formed in 1994) coming through my window courtesy of the Cherry Bar.  I’d love to go hear them, but the problem is, well, I’m kinda nervous about going.  I think I told you about the Cherry Bar and it’s neighbourhood struggles.  Cherry Bar hates its neighbours that hate it.  Hate mail ensues.  Cherry Bar complains frequently about ‘the apartments’.  Thing is, I’m not one of those neighbours that moves into a neighbourhood sporting a live music venue and then expects it to tone down the noise.  On the contrary, I LOVE music.  And I really like the stuff the Cherry has played so far.  In fact, I suspect I’ll be one of its biggest visitors!  But it’s not the sort of thing I usually do, head to a gig by myself.  And trust me when I say I really, really want to take advantage of having this amazing venue out my back door (yep, literally).

By the time I’ve finished procrastinating, Even have finished playing.  Doh.  But never mind, this is the Cherry Bar, and tonight, the music continue with three more bands.  After a bit of Indian for dinner, I have enough courage to head to through the Cherry’s doors.  First up is Man from the Meteor.  I’ve come in on the end of their gig, very unfortunately.  This Melbourne instrumental three-piece have supported the likes of The Butterfly Effect, Dead Letter Circus and The Living End.  With their ‘heavy grooving, cerebral rock, vast soundscapes, sonic journey’ they aren’t unalike Perth 90’s band Storytime.  I would love to hear some more of their stuff.  Michael Koefod from The Lifelike Project joined them for a few songs, but I have to say the vocal acoustics weren’t that great and he did little to add to their magic.

Tassie band Pines were up next with their first ever gig.  It’s clear this is who the crowd are here to see as the numbers suddenly swell within the small club.   Some of their stuff was good, whole songs where I thought ‘oh yeah!’, and some with great moments, but sometimes it was just nothing different. I would definitely given them kudos for their instrument swapping abilities – they are clearly talented, but at the end of the night, they were my least favourite of the three.

Logic Defies Logic’s motto is ‘play every gig like you are playing Wembley Stadium’ and they did.  It was unfortunate that most of the crowd thinned out even before LDL began their set.  All I can say is, they missed out.  A funky, bopping bass player, a Jerry Cantrell reminiscent guitarist (well long hair wise at least), a shirtless drummer and a charismatic singer, even if at times he didn’t face the tiny audience, produced an awesomely tight set of songs.  Maybe it was just that it was a Sunday night in Melbourne?  I cant say, not being a local.  But next time these guys play, I’ll definitely be there.

Over and done by midnight (I’m sure, but didn’t actually check – may have had too many bourbons whilst enjoying the lineup), I can’t imagine why the Cherry Bar would have offended anyone tonight.

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