The Shopaholics Hit Town

Just because we got a huge car, of course we took it as a challenge to try and completely fill it up with shopping.  And where better to start than Chadstone shopping centre.

But it’s a fairly slow start to our shopping.  There’s so much shopping to do it’s actually overwhelming and I have no idea where to start.  I’m wandering around in a daze and starting to get a little worried that I’ll be leaving the centre empty handed.  But soon enough there’s a kettle and a toaster, then bathroom products, bread board, saucepans, glasses, teatowels and kitchen herbs – all sorts of essentials.   Then electrical shopping at Good Guys down the road – fridge, washer/dryer, vacuum cleaner, microwave.  And on the way out I spy a dining setting I like and which is perfect for my small apartment, at Freedom, and then a sofa, armchair and entertainment unit at Bay Republic Leather.  I’m really pretty much starting from scratch here.

Back in the city – there’s just one question – how to get all this stuff out of the car into my apartment just down the road?  Well, funny what hotel luggage trolleys come in handy for isn’t it?  At the insistence of the hotel staff, we nip off down the street, struggling with our loaded trolley (minus the bellhop uniforms), getting all sorts of strange looks.  Making an impression on  Melbourne already!

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