Coasts of Gold

My tenancy agreement for the two bedroom stunner is all signed and accepted; utility applications lodged.  Just need to sign the lease and pick up the keys, so I think there’s time for one last trip before my move to Melbourne.  It just so happens that my sister and brother-in-law are heading to the Gold Coast for a week and I’m tagging along, because, well – I’ve never been to the Gold Coast before, so why not?

I have no idea what to expect of the great GC really.  I mean, it’s obviously about the beaches first up.  And home to the legendary Warrick Capper.  But what’s out and about there?  What’s the vibe and what else is there to do apart from swimming?  Lots of warm weather at the very least hopefully!  What’s the slogan they used to advertise Queensland with?  “Queensland – beautiful one day, perfect the next!”  I guess I’ll find out.

In an extra twist, I’m not doing a single iota of research before I get there.  Impressed?  I am, but someone is going to have to restrain me when I get to the hotel brochure rack cause I guarantee it’ll be in for a ravaging by the time I arrive.

Unfortunately it doesn’t all start perfectly, Virgin Airlines cancelling our flight for Friday due to staff unavailability – I mean ‘what the?’, and rebooking us on another flight in the morning which doesn’t see us arrive into the GC until 4.30pm – a whole day lost, which is unfortunate for my brother-in-law as he has to work on this holiday, so he’s lost a day of his break.  Guess it can’t be helped, but it’s very frustrating!

Nevertheless, we finally arrive after a very, very long day, which included a three hour (useless) stopover in Sydney.  Arriving into GC is a little like arriving into Penang or Grand Cayman – a small airport surrounded by mountainside, where you disembark onto the tarmac.  Our taxi takes us along the Gold Coast Highway past numerous resorts and apartments – a surprising number of which are called “Somethingorother Palms’.  We arrive in Surfer’s Paradise and check into the amazing Q1 Resort and Spa, which will be our home for the week and from where we have an amazing view of the ocean – a perk of being in the tallest building in town.  It was actually the tallest residential apartment building in the world at one point with 78 floors, but it lost the title to Dubai’s Marina Torch in 2011.

Gold Coast view from Q1 Resort and Spa

We quickly unpack, by which time the sun has disappeared and been replaced by nightfall.  We head out onto the neon lit streets in search of dinner and end up at the Hard Rock Café.  The streets outside are busy, but the vibe is extra crazy in here.  It’s a long weekend and the end of the school holidays and there are just people everywhere.  We finally get a table and are soon chowing down on burgers and fries with a few drinks to top it off, finishing the evening with a wander around the streets before tiredness overcomes us.

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