The Waiting Game

No calls last night.

I keep going to look up furniture and floor plans, but then abandon them not wanting to jinx my chances.

I’ll give them til 10.30am Melbourne time.

I message my friend.  Ring them, she says.

I will.  I’ll just give them til 11.30am Melbourne time.

No call.

Call them.  I don’t want to be that annoying person that calls all the time.

There’s no way I’d get the first apartment I looked at.  Especially a two bedroom stunner!  But they did say it was a one day turnaround for application approval.  And it has now been more than one day.

12.00pm Melbourne time.  I ring.

They haven’t heard anything about my application.  It has been lodged though.  They’ll check and ring back.


I got it!

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