Expect the Best (Part II)

Breakfast this morning is just around the corner at a little place called Kinfolk.  Kinfolk is a social enterprise which re-directs 100% of its profits between four development projects in Australia and abroad and is staffed by up to 30 volunteers which assist in the café each week.  It’s a funky little space and the bearded server prepares my table, stomping past in his boots, shorts and wife beater.  My roll is pretty good, except the eggplant is a little cold for my liking.  Coffee was good though and I really, really like the concept.  If you are interested in checking it out for yourself, drop by at 673 Bourke Street (down near Southern Cross Station).


On yesterday’s reccy of the city, I managed to go and stop by at the location of my first home viewing in Melbourne.  And.  I.  Couldn’t.  Believe.  It.  Brilliant location – a few minutes walk from Flinders Street Station, Federation Square, the Ian Potter Gallery of the NGV, Young & Jackson, The Duke and Movida and across the road, the Yarra River banks.  ***MUST HAVE.  2 BEDROOM STUNNER*** the ad read, ‘Will go quickly!’  So when five people turned up outside the building for the first viewing, I was worried.  But I needn’t have – I seemed to be the only one interested in the two bedroom stunner.  The unit backed onto the famous AC/DC Lane, graffiti covered walls, the outlook from my floor to ceiling windows.  AC/DC Lane – home to the Cherry Bar.  Founded in late 1999 by Cosmic Psycho’s drummer Bill Walsh, its an internationally famous late night street rock n roll bar.  A self-proclaimed ‘annoying boil on corporate arse cheeks’ on Melbourne’s CBD.

It just so happens that the Cherry Bar has been in the news lately.  Turns out it’s my building which has caused the controversy.  You know the story, big new apartment complex goes up, new residents complain about noise, music venue goes out of business.  It’s been a common fight in the Perth CBD over the years also.  The Cherry Bar put out an appeal to the public to raise funds for soundproofing to stop the residents of the new apartment complex “with its north-facing balconies frowning down upon us.”  I won’t frown!  I promise!

It was successful in it’s plight for soundproofing – and also in paving the way for protection of future live music venues from large scale developments by putting the onus of noise management back onto developers.  Yay Cherry!

Two bedrooms – check, nice kitchen – check, nice bathroom – check, brilliant view from rooftop bbq area – check, awesome gym – check.  But it didn’t really matter.  I was already in love.

I grabbed two copies of the rental application, just in case I mucked up one, and set about filling it out at the table of riverside restaurant Sake.  Job – unemployed.  Rental reference – none.  Current address – living with Mum & Dad.  Cat – unregistered (What?  You have to register cats?  Is this a VIC thing?)  This was looking positive.  The best two things I could write on the application were my personal references.  Then came the part about sending the application through, along with bank details and current forms of ID.  I was about to get a very hard introduction into how to get all this through with the use of just a phone and a lap top!

Anyway, I now had to calm myself down a little, so I decided a boat ride along the river would be just the thing.  And it’s one of the things I’ve never done in Melbourne before.  The trip lasts about an hour and runs from just under the waterfront vaults under Federation Square to Herring Island and back.  Quite a nice relaxing way to spend an hour really.

DSC00771 DSC00764 DSC00763

I have to remind myself that I’m here to check out apartments and the lay of the city, so back on my feet I do just that.  There’s another two apartment viewings tomorrow.  It would have been nice to line up a couple more, but apparently not everyone loves my cat Lili as much as I do.

Now all I can do is cross my fingers and wait!


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